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What is Woodward’s Cottage?

Woodward’s Cottage was founded in 2013 to fill the void between just having enough money and having enough to enjoy life and visit our 8 children who managed to get scattered all over this great country of ours the United States.

I soon found out that Retirement is not all that it’s cracked up to be. I’m definitely not ready to pilot a rocking chair full time or part time for that matter. I want to stay active and besides as I said before we need the income to get out and enjoy retirement our way.

Out of this necessity came this Company Called Woodward’s Cottage. Relying on my 35 plus years of decorating and designing high end window fashions we put that knowledge to use looking for extremely useful and eco-friendly household products we could put our label on and distribute to discriminating retailers. Not all products fit these criteria and that’s all right. We are a small company so we can hand pick and choose just those products that we feel fit our demanding quality standards.

Where Can I Find Woodward’s Cottage Products?

At the present time the majority of our products are listed on Amazon.com. We feel that they have the capability to distribute and merchandise our products in a fair and ethical manner and are known world wide as a great company to do business with.

In the future we may use other channels of distribution but for now we feel that Amazon is the best for our products.

How Can I Contact Woodward’s Cottage?

You can contact us using the Contact Us page on this website.