About ME

Hello, I’m Terry and I have Alzheimer’s. Want to get that establish right up front. This is a blog about Dementia Of which Alzheimer’s is a type of dementia. This is about my treatments and journey’s in dealing with this insipid disease.

At the same time I was being tested for this disease I was in the process of searching for a new Topic to start a blog , website about. In the past I have written blogs, websites about window treatments, Health foods and on Private Label Selling. The only thing in common with the three is me the writer and research I did on the subjects.I Like doing research and so when the Neurologist said ” You have Alzheimer’s ” I knew instantly what the subject of my new blog would be since I knew nothing about the subject

except that back in the 70’s I ran a A&W restaurant in a small midwestern town outside of Peoria, Illinois. My grandfather lived about 4 blocks up the street and would come down to the restaurant in the afternoon to have a cup of coffee with the “Boys’ at the coffee table discussing the national news of the day. One day grandpa , as he was leaving, came over to me and said” Terry i don’t remember how to get home. At first I thought he was kidding but then realizes he was serious, so I volunteered to take him home.

Of course I told my father and his brother what had happened and that started a family discussion on grandpa state and ended with grandpa taking up residence at a local nursing home. Grandpa’s problem quickly from bad to worse and he spent the last few years of his life strapped to a chair in the nursing home driving a team of horses with his brother who had past away sme forty years before. They said my grandfather had “hardening of the Arteries”. That was my first and only experience with dementia in my family.

The next generation my father and his brother were skipped by the Dementia gene pool. My father passed away at 95 without any dementia signs and his brother in his 90’s seams to be the same.

there are three of us in my generation. I am the oldest at 76, diagnosed with early stages of Alzheimer’s. There is an Alzheimer’s medicine trial study starting up in Palm Beach Gardens, I got notified that I got accepted into the study yesterday, so you’ll be hearing about that in future blog posts. My brother has had some problems and is being tested as I write.will let you know in another post. My sister seams to be fine, keeping the family up to date on what’s going with each other.